Samsung 65 Inch Premium Flat Smart TV MU7300 Series 7

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Product Highlights

  • Innovation is in the Details

  • HDR Extreme

  • Active Crystal Color

  • With Active Crystal Colors, the colours on your TV pop out of your screen, making you feel that everything you watch is coming to life

  • Samsung 65 Inch Series 7 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

  • The Ultra HD resolution is combined with one of the best surround sound systems and these two work hand in hand to deliver a cinematic viewing experience while you are relaxing on your couch



Product Description

Innovation is in the Details


Experience the illuminating power of High Dynamic Range. See every single detail and enjoy cinematic clarity in every scene.

Active Crystal Color

On-screen images come to life with incredibly natural colors. See more with the wider color gamut while reducing power consumption.

Precision Black

Experience deeper blacks and brighter whites with Precision Black. Powerful contrast and local dimming technology makes scenes sharp and precise.

Peak Illuminator

Peak Illuminator makes brighter areas even brighter in dark scenes. Enjoy the amazing Images with the extra boost of brightness in every scene.

Clean and simple

Maximize your TV enjoyment by cleaning up all messy cables in the back. The Clean Cable Solution and One Connect make everything neat and simple.

Clean Cable Solution

Keep all your wires neatly connected. The sleek design of the TV’s back hides all connections inside.

One Connect

Connect every device easily with One Connect. You get a clutter-free approach that enhances your viewing pleasure.

360° Design

Radiance from every angle. Powered on or off, 360° Design blends perfectly with any room décor with its minimalistic bezel and clean back design.

Boundless Design

Say yes to incredibly immersive viewing experiences. Slim and bezel-less on 3 sides, it makes every scene riveting.

A Beautiful Looking Back

See polished perfection from all angles, with an impeccably smooth back and slim unibody design that radiates minimalism and elegance.

One remote control

Get the ultimate control in the palm of your hand. Control different devices connected with just the one remote control. With Voice Control, you’ll never have to flip through channels again.

Smart Hub

See everything in one place. One Depth gathers a variety of content for you on one screen. Get easy access to different content providers and check out the thumbnail previews before diving in.

Auto detection

Find and recognize all your connected devices faster. Samsung TV automatically displays device names, and makes all your input selections a breeze.


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