About Us

Kensoko is an online store with a wide range of products. We take pride in serving our clients through our discounted prices, efficient delivery and payment system.

What we really do?

Kensoko is an online shopping site that serves on a retail-customer basis with the product offering. Having the secure payment options, we also boast in our fast delivery system coupled with amazing customer service.

Our Vision

To be the number one reliable Kenyan e-commerce site, whose primary goal is to serve the customer’s needs to their maximum satisfaction.


The founding of Kensoko came up from young, technologically sound entrepreneurs from Nairobi Kenya who had an urge to close the market gap between suppliers and consumers in Kenya. Kenya being among the top countries in Africa which is tech savvy with blossoming internet speeds; it was the right place to share the cake of the ecommerce trade.


Provide you with the best quality products at unbeatable prices.
Extremely safe payment options
Amazing general customer service
Excellent and fast delivery system