Kensoko | Shipping Policy

At Kensoko, we commit ourselves to providing exemplary service to all our customers. We work with reliable courier and parcel services so each order placed on our platform arrives safely and on time. This shipping policy governs the delivery of our orders and explains any related costs. For any clarifications, inquiries or questions, our friendly customer care agents are available round the clock.

Free Countrywide Deliveries on Kensoko

Just for perspective, a commitment fee of KES 4,500 for an order worth KES 4,500 means the order is fully paid for. You will therefore not be subject to any extra fees upon receipt of your item(s).

Same Day Deliveries

Our Logistics Partners

Kensoko works with G4S Kenya to bring items purchased on our platform to you. As such, deliveries will be subject to terms, conditions and hours of operation of the two companies (Kensoko and G4S).


By placing an order on Kensoko, you agree to be bound by this shipping policy